Ascendable Rick


Hey guys, what do you think about 6* Rick?




The -atk is amazing for a full stun gun team behind erika


He’s hot but not worth it unfortunately. Need to make him 58AP so he’s usable.


that’s what I was thinking too

he will be tough on defense


What was his original stats? I believe one of the reasons given as to why the leaked 6*s weren’t released was because they didn’t fit the meta, so they required to be tweaked. So we’re they really tweaked or essentially the same?




Great toon, pull/cry post please


Recover confuse could be handy but his AR isn’t great. Needs to rush quicker to be useful.


He’s really just decent at best.

So much for ‘not fitting into meta’, lmao.


ATK down is not that best esp. at 76AP. DEF down would have been much better (like the old 4* limited neut rick from the event)


Or they could have kept the atk up that his 5 star version had.


Why. Youre not counting the evasion plus stun gun. Plus the - attack…
Hes the poor mans govenor. If most definitely run him if didnt have govie…


Beast if you have him behind Erika and he goes off turn 2 using siddiq to command. He’s beefy and great for a time out team. I expect him to be a huge issue in coming wars. Sorry if others don’t see it.


I agree, his active skill is useful, evasion is nice and he can equip a stun gun. Erica is the best lead choice hands down. Still wouldn’t pull for him but their are worse 6*. The -65 atk 3 turns could be very useful as well, as long as you can get his Ar up.


Of course any ranged is great behind Erika. The new alert legendaries are for the whales with Erika while f2p have Mira and Dwight.

Too bad he lost his leader skill along the way.


Honestly I would hope his active never goes off, but is a nice shiva counter.


Thing is that atk down is needed to take away the power blues for f2p. Much needed in the current game play if you are Hopi g to stand above others.


Yea aside from shiva,priya and maybe the odd kay, it wont be useful all the time, but there are plenty of shivas around to make it useful in situational purposes.


Yeah mirabell to remove stun and stun 3 for a turn. Rick to remove confuse and atk down behind Erika to keep them all frustratingly alive. Wish I had guardian hersh to add with siddiq. I’ll have to settle for guardian zeke this go around.