Ascendable Prestige Michonne

How about Scopely giving the people that supported them by shelling out money and raising their prestige to 12 or higher and make Prestige Michonne an ascendable 6s? I have been prestige 13 for over a year and have not received one “special” treatment for all the money I donated for supporting this game. If they make this Prestige Michonne a good legendary, maybe more will support the game.


Prestige michone deserve to be ascended.

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A lot of people used her as fodder to ascend another toon, it was be amazing to watch the shit hit the fan if she gets tabbed before of Michonne

I agree. Im only 30k from 13. What have all of us gotten but increased skip times? hell the best one is for buildings… We are all maxed so that six hour bonus doesn’t help. That and a lot of buyers remorse…

@kalishane help us whales out. What do we get for spending the thousands of $$$?

I hope she does. I still have her.


Here you go. You earned it!


glee is the antithesis of twd sir.

She deserves to be an average legendary worth being a free gift instead of an event reward.

It is funny to see the comments from the f2p players who already been given a gift with so much balancing in the game and making them competitive without having to spend a dime.

The players that actually have supported the game with $$$$$ should actually be thought of and have this happen. As far as her being sold or used as fodder, that sucks but with the amount of 5s, I don’t understand why you would get rid of a toon that you spent thousands of dollars to get. I am pretty sure that only a small percentage made that mistake.


agreed. i find it hilarious that people went and fused her away. its not scopes fault and sure as hell aint ours that did end up keeping her in roster. when she gets ascended its just one of those moments when mfs gonna have to take it on the chin and move on; their bad.


I still have my Michonne. Of course I only started playing February 15 of last year. Hopefully she gets a 6★ version.

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