Ascendable Lori

Is there a leaked image of 6* Lori? Also is she obtainable through 4* ascendance?

Thanks in adavance


All we were shown is final artwork. Everything else is TBD.

Yup, she’s available through 4* ascendance. I got her myself recently :blush:

I hope it the 4* ascendance one but her title is different than the toon up there it’s says road to survival #3 but the one I have that I got from war forever ago the same one you can make with ascension is days gone by …

This is the one ??? Even tho it has a different title name ???

Yes, all the six stars change name when they are ascended iirc

I cant wait for her to come out. Just got her through ascending a 4*

So will her AR be 66 and her active skill be ready on turn 1? or are those also place holders?

Just a guess but I would suspect they are placeholders as well. I am really curious to see her real card because the Governor stole her 5-star abilities.

I am Hoping for a lead skill for all ranged, a la the old 4* lori

I would have to look up her card. What is it? I am hoping it’s like Carl’s. We need a ranged f2p defensive leader skill. So something like 40% def and 40% hp or 40% def and large bonus to ap would work for me.

4* Lori used to be all ranged gets a medium bonus to Ap when attacking and taking damage, she was later changed to all ranged get a large bonus to Ap when attacking… I think those are right.
Unfortunately for me if she mirror Carl’s leader skill, she will be of no use to me :frowning:

Guessing you have Erika. Most of us don’t and right now ranged really needs a f2p defensive leader. Hey if she gets the ap bonus along with the 40% def its the same thing.

She used to be all teammates get a medium bonus to AP while attacking and taking damage, she was changed to just ranged teammates getting the same bonus

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Thanks, couldn’t remember exactly, and yes @IronandWine I do have Erika, two in fact.

Nice, Maybe one day I will get lucky on a pull. I did pull Rosita from the box the other week. She’s obviously no Erika but it’s nice to have a 6-star healer. I managed to get Stun on her bound weapon.

Well if it makes you feel better I have not been able to pull a single promo toon since then. No Michonne, no Hershel, no Bruce, no Garrett etc

I Wonder what this new TBD skills are sounds Deadly I’m scared but everyone can get her so we should all be happy :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say me but I’m sure Scopely is feeling just fine after taking your $, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope the streak breaks for you soon. I would love to have that new Michonne on the team.

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