Ascendable list~ 7 months 7 characters

So i quit a while ago (3 months+), but occasionally still check the forums, and boy did i miss something with the “survivor club”.

Anyway not the point, i logged in today to see how the game has changed and quickly realised despite the odd new character, teams are pretty much still the exact same composition as when i left, after a quick bit of snooping i realized this is because only 3 Legacy characters have made the jump in the same time frame.
The last ascendable list was done in April and in that time frame 7 of the 10 have been made Ascendable, thats 7 in 7 months or one legacy a month.

I don’t care much about the future of this game anymore, as over the years playing I and many of the people i played with made very valid and useful suggestions to help improve the game. and they were ignored .But one of the key reasons i left was because of all the old characters i owned were invalidated overnight, but we were told that they will eventually become 6* and the initial slow rate was due to not having the staff, it is well over a year and a half and the rate has stayed the same.

This has to change if you are ever going to entice old players back into the game, you cant continually market the game to new players as they will eventually run out.

Anyway spent to much time thinking about this game today, wish all you long time players the best, i mean someone has to as scopley sure doesnt


That’s the most outrageous statement they ever made. They’re doing it on purpose to force players to get rid of OG epics so they can promote them again in stashes like we saw with carley who turned into a great legendary Toon


One of my favs to look at is Laura, look at her 5* and 6* version, blue, same skill, etc. Instead of making her ascendable they made a “new” toon. They are NOT going to make all 5* ascendables. Let me repeat that… All 5* will NOT become acsendables, not tomarrow, not next year, not in 2020, not in 2030, not in 2050, not in the year 3000, never ever ever never ever


What’s your point :thinking:

I mean there’s decap Tyreese, arguably the best decap in the game.

Dont care for grammar much being half asleep on these forums, have at it tho. You and everyone knows what i meant

But how many team have Wayland compared to teams with Tyreese? I’ve never even seen a team with Wayland as of yet.

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Wayland is a beast bro

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Not denying it, I’ve seen his stats. Just never seen him used in action.

I have him he definitely changed my attack game


Arguable the best is what I said. I think he’s the best, you don’t. That’s your opinion.

In your opinion. Which yes he IS arguably the best.

500% damage to 2 enemies is the best?

Sorry but I’d rather have 650% attack to 2 enemies that I could CHOOSE (enemies in a line) than have it randomly selected with 150% less damage. Heal reduction has never come in handy for me, then again enemies never get the chance to use their ARs.


And yet you have to resort to calling me names. Funny how that works.


Don’t feed the Troll. People who say things like:

can’t be taken serious.


Stop feeding the trolls people, the little kids dont have school on saturday and they are here on the forums lol mommy prob took their minecraft away

Don’t worry, I’m used to talking to trolls like this. The best part is when they know they’re getting close to “losing” an argument they start calling you names.


Says the person misspelling almost every word.

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True. Can get quite funny then sometimes :wink: