Ascendable Lilly

Who else thinks that Scopley should make the blue Lilly (starved for help) ascendable and her 6 star form is Lilly from TFS with the rifle she uses in suffer the children being her special weapon


There are too many blue legacy ascendables.


Why not make the Red focus Maggie acendable? She seems like a batter candidate.


Broken toys came out 3 days ago and I was kinda disappointed that the only telltale related thing we got was offer for a 6 star red Luis (who doesn’t even know how to use a gun in the TFS so it makes no sense that he’s an alert fighter)

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Well TellTale is pretty much dissolved, sad, but that’s what happens.


It would be more clickbaity if I added a ? In the end

Title it “Acendable Lilly CONFIRMED?!!?!”

The newest 6 star is called Pamela the last telltale related offer was Luis theres one L in scopley so there are 3 L’s how many L’s does Lilly have? 3! ASCENDABLE LILLY CONFIRMED?!!?!

how about every forum memeber make his own thread about who he wants to be made ascendable?

Got it, ascendable Mark thread incoming.


We need a badass, 2nd generation 6*, disarming/ decapping Shane is what we need. His first version was a joke and he needs to be redeemed.

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