Ascendable knowledge

I’m sure it’s already been posted but I’m not sure, but does anyone have any knowledge as to if this guy is gonna be ascended?

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at this moment no but save him like every other 5* you have

Those are next legacy toons

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why, does it make it a 5 star ascend if you have it already when it becomes a 6 star.


yes it does

Alright thanks bud

Its not that rick, it should be blade hand rick.

Legacy acendable release dates are usually really erratic, like that homelessness guy near the bus stop.


Well maybe sometime around 2030

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Shame. He used to be really good before 6* era

Let’s just fervently pray that Scopes doesn’t add yet another Rick into the mix. There’s already 10 billion versions of him in this game, there is absolutely NO NEED for more.

Good point. But honestly I’d rather see either red Konrad or Tripp become ascendable

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Heck yeah! Make Mr. Cure-all into some sort of discount Shane! But in all honesty, another Telltale legendary would be amazing. Maybe they can make some legacies with all that Season 4 material to work with?


Maybe acendable Mark?¿

Or HS Michonne would be cool too


I thought when this new level up launched, Rick or Douglas would be the top level toon. What a lug nut I was for applying logic

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C’mon, you should know by now when it comes to scopely logic goes right out the window

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I missed the topic and time this was posted but one of my faction members posted it.

Tbh it threw me for a loop as Scopley have never spoken like this before.
It almost sounded like they knew what they were talking about and been insightful and fair.
I’ll be honest…I don’t trust it due to history…

Is the account who posted this official?
When did this happen?
Anyone a little suspicious or surprised by this post?

That’s news to me too

That account is NOT official. I’ll assure you that.

EDIT: spelling error

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10 billion? Nah nah nah son, you’re off by 1 billion. It’s 11 billion ricks. This aint a democracy anymore!!

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