Ascendable Clementine?


Will the yellow Clementine around every corner be ascendable in 2018???


Would be cool when u ask me!


She would be nice…but don’t they need the ‘rights’ or something to make those Telltale characters into ‘Road to Survival’ characters?


Yes it would!!!, considering she was the first op toon


Cough @kalishane Cough


Seriously? $scopeLIE hasn’t released the 11 toons they’ve said will be ascendable. I don’t think any existing toons will ever be ascendable. There will probably be an ascendable Clementine at some point but she’ll be a new toon only available in premier recruits.


I never give up my dreams! You never get far with this kind of opinion…


She’ll definitely be ascendable, scopely said everyone would be, just a matter of time. Have patience everyone! I see her ascendable by 2042 (conservative estimate)


First op toon? Lmao, I played since the beginning and never encountered a team that was to hard with her or even seen considered op. Maybe they didn’t use her with the right setup. Who knows.


Clementine was the 5 star equivalent of 6* Carl.

She was very good, once upon a time.

Nowadays, she’s a one hit kill. lol.


I really really hope she does! I will put it in the suggestions though!


Will we have Lee 6* in the futur?


It’s Koa


Why don’t you just tell them you’re not allowed to modify telltale toons hence they don’t have 6* versions yet?


The “around every corner” telltale epics look nothing like they do at any point in the telltale series, I’d say they’ve already made modifications.




She’s the one toon I want that I never get despite how many tokens I use or how many Fast 4⭐s I sacrifice.

So I’m confident in saying she probably will be made ascendable sometime in the future. Lilly, Oberson, and AEC Kenny will not.


So roughly a week after I hit level 13 Prestige.