Ascendable characters request


There is any chance, to get some old characters like

-Abraham revive
-Romanov Blue
-Shield and Slice Michonne
-Safety behind the bars Rick
-Whispers Jesus

To be Ascendable in the future?


Nope.perhaps in 2579.

We need to finish current Legancy list ASAP



Let me guess, you have all of them.


hey you are missing og abe and super og ty.


Here is a list of characters specific to my roster, please ascend them first because i have them already :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:


shield mich, red rick, and whispers jezz are not in my roaster yet, but i like to have these historical chars. and for revive abe and konrad i paid for them long time ago, and i want to use them again


Konrad shield or Jesus shield
Lori Made to Suffer
Scout, Cooper or Cain
Red Gleen Safety Behind Bars


Just make red shield Magna ascendable, please. Thanks.


I have a feeling the 8 choice characters they gave us (technically 2 we got from it, but 8 in total) in the 50 and 100 survival road stages missions will be ascendable next (Though I’m probably wrong).


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