Ascendable Andrea

Is different from leaked card, no maim, heal reduction.
Same as 5* with higher stats, why can’t they do that to any old 5*, just crank the numbers up, like on roadmap/Sr toons

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Anybody get the museum map to drop in raids

Uh, What…?


I have done about 100 raids and none. Complete bs lol

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That’s what they always do the 6-star is just a stronger basically identical version of the 5-star like 90% of the time. Yes there have been a few exceptions most of which were not changed for the better either. Like Maggie.

Why would you want maim or heal reduction on her? Her active gives her 25 ap and makes her elusive for 3 turns. That’s so much better than what you suggested.


I have, but it’s very rare.

It’s crazy that’s she’s basically the same toon and she took a year to make really makes no sense at all


Only thing I am kinda bummed about is the 85 ap. But I haven’t had a chance to really test her out yet. Her lead skill with a huge ap weapon and her active should help negate that. Just thinking of the Damage she can cause alongside Ty and Dwight with Siddiq to help shave off a turn.

I do like how they changed her leader skill to all ranged instead of just blues. Give us more options.

edit - Only at t3 lv 1 but maxed her ar and active. She can fire off on t2 if hit and always ready to go on t3. So far I am enjoying using her and playing around with different team setups. Overall I am pleased with her. Will probably ascend my second one too.


Yeah I love the lead skill haven’t really used mine yet she just sitting at t1 level 1 rn but I’m sure she gonna be great

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Only way I’m gonna get her is from the map drop.

And we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

if you suck a lot of d**k and use dozens of cans, maybe

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I’ve blown thru 8 cans and a got sweet FA.

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do you have a screenshot of this card?

Main? Heal reduction? Lol why did you think she would have these?

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