Ascendable Andrea for 25$? Lol

Unreal. This game gets worse & worse by the day. I paid 25$ for an Andrea that will probably take a year to ascend by the looks of it but other people got her already ascended & some were able to ascend her b4 they took care of the glitch? Yeah…I don’t think so Tim. I surely wont be forking over 25$ a month. Not for this BS. & 1 recruit pull a day? Im never able to pull any good characters b4…what makes me think I’ll be able to pull anything more than a 4* garbage toon? Scopely…you have balls of steel. You surely love to take advantage . Count me out


I paid $50 for 4000 weapon tokens sooooo yeah…


i got 6000 weapon tokens so be happy, and have yet to craft a stun gun in the year ive been crafting almost nonstop

3rd one was a Shiva Rick stun gun so guess I got lucky there didn’t really need a 9th stun gun tho :confused:

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Yeah this has put me off the subscription now.

What a load of crap.
Why should I pay months to get what loads have already.
Damage has been done


Lmao, why should i log in everyday when some people already had the Javier? Number one response was “you were gonna log in anyway”
So same can apply “if you were gonna pay for it anyway, they eis no change”

This isn’t directed at you specifically

You paid $25? You got ripped off. I got a 7 day free trial that is already cancelled, and ends on 11/28.


Funny, I could swear there was a 7 day free trial.

what you expect you play a game created by Scopley

thats true though but with my single pulls i got Hunter, Shane and Wayland :wink:

But youre f2p :joy:


Yeah dude what gives you said you were f2p*

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: #busted


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