Ascendable Andrea - Beyond Dissapointing


So, recently, this thing came out, and let’s just say, I am very dissapointed…

Let’s review her, shall we?

Andrenaline Rush:
Totally misses the point of the original character, her original intention was to be able to rush fast, but 85 AP is an absolute joke, she now will probably have to waste turns using her active skill when her basic attacks could be critical to picking off an Erika on low HP…

Dissapointment, should’ve been 66 AP or maybe even 76 AP

Active skill:
Scopely could’ve made her active skill help her deal with her original flaws, A.K.A falling fast against a yellow, her active skill could have given a huge defense buff or bonus HP to herself, but instead, we get elusive (what?..) and a way to get her slow AR to go off.

Should not have been used the way it was…

Leader Skill:
This is the one and only feature I like about this character, one of her original pros was her having a nice lead skill, and it now covering all ranged helps a lot more, no complaints here.

General Stats:
Basically the same as the original, glass cannon, I don’t need to explain more.


I honestly don’t know why they went with this look, her original 5 star model looked badass, and I honestly feel like they changed that one to make it look bland/bad just to make this one look good…

Meh design.

Overall Rating:


Leader Skill


Everything else

Would love to hear what y’all think of this new toon.

Focus on legancy toons scopes!

I disagree with everything you’ve said


How so? Would love to hear


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Troll post?


Tbf both her and Tyreese are 85 AR’s. Why? Because their ARs would be OP with 76, then I can command them to AR rd2. Granted these are slow Glass Cannons but imo they still fall under that category.


There’s nothing wrong with her being a glass cannon, but at the same time, her AR shouldn’t be insanely slow


Not a troll post.


But it’s the same as Tyreese’s ar…


Tyreese deals 650 damage to a line of enemies, Andrea just hits slightly harder but only at one enemy, doesn’t make sense for them to share the same AP rate in my opinion


She’d be way better as a decap imo


Give Andrea a “20% AP to self” weapon, and her AR effectively becomes 68.


I disagree, really, she should’ve stayed as a quick pick off but easy to knock down toon, but if she stayed alive long enough she could user her active to keep her alive for a bit longer, but nah.


Don’t discount the fact that her AR also gives her 20% AP. That can help her wind up her 2nd AR.


I’m not factoring weapons into this review


I find her alright. Not an Erika but isn’t a Jessie or Harlan. Plus I’m happy about her actually coming after several weeks of waiting.


People will have probably picked her off before or right after she uses it


Yeah, she definitely is not as bad as those


Why? That seems shortsighted. How many alerts would be terrible without being able to hold a stun gun?