Ascend trainers concept


Pretty simple really, the ability to ascend trainers up a tier
9 burts ascend to 1 Brady (5k ascension medals)
9 Brady to 1 basil (10k ascension medals)
9 basil to 1 Benedict (20k ascension medals)

Even ar trainers
9 ar trainers to 1 aden(15k ascension medals)
9 active trainers to 1 ulysses (25k ascension medals)

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No way 9 active trainers are worth one Ulysses, but this is an interesting idea.


Well i mean like 9 Shirley would max shivas active, surely that’s worth 1 Ulysses to raise anyone’s active


It would take 72 basils and 160k ascension medals to get 8 benes, I’m sure there’s some money in that lol.

Offers scopely a different market to sell trainers

I know I would buy some basil boxes to ascend a Benedict or 2


Extremely not worth.


Well it is open to discussion and suggestion, what gives what and prices etc , this is just a mock up idea of “could this be a thing”


From my perspective, the only real selling point of the idea is lower ascendance medal costs and possibility of making regular AR trainers into 6* AR trainers. Aside from that, the system is already essentially the same.

Benedict or 5* is the same when it comes to ascendance fodder, but 5* earns points in LU. Same with 4*s.


why would they not? they are useless now and waste to use on 5s going to 6s.


Active trainers, not adrenaline trainers


Another route for them to sell medals to people , saves putting loads of 2s and gear/food into 4s to ascend too

Scopely gets to sell medals, players get to save gear and food , not a bad compromise


Active like these

All these have no use atm for me* , They will in the future, but say you have 9 Shirley and 2 blue tyreese 6*s , then it’s worth it to ditch all 9 to level up your ty


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had loads before used them on level up.


IMO, that’s how you waste resources needlessly. If it was a 2:1 conversion, then sure. But at a 9:1 conversion, you lose out massively on maximum potential gain simply for minimal gain due to impatience.

Of course, all that changes based on the supply of active trainers, but as of now, it’s a terrible idea.


I found myself using the ar trainers to just level up toons I was ascending just for more xp to them bit if I could trade 9 Caitlin or Lara for an aden ; I would be tempted because I could then use aden on a 6*


I just went with 9 because that’s the current conversion rate , They could change it to 2, 3,5, 7 or whatever they wanted really


Sorry but your number of trainers needed to ascend is pretty stupid and no one in their right mind would do it.
Right now, if I remember correctly, each trainer is worth 2 times the xp of the trainer below.
2 Burts = 1 Brady
2 Bradys = 1 Basile
2 Basiles = 1 Benedict


I did say the number was just used as an example to the current conversion rate for ascending. Feel free to suggest a more suitable Rate


Bear in mind it’s not just for levelling purposes but ascending too , so while 2 basils are worth more xp than 1 Benedict, you can’t ascend a 5* with 16 basils

Sure you could level up 4s to use as fodder too, but this is just another route you could take if you didn’t have many 4 toons , saves gear and food too so there is some balance


Absolutely we should be able to ascend trainers. I mean if we can use them to ascend then let us ascend them in the first place.

No clue on how many should be used etc.but i like the idea