Ascend those Glenns


Scopely had heard your cries, and legacy Glenn has dropped. Enjoy!


Was holding out for him… Done … and thx scopely :slight_smile:

I can now finish my melee team and begin ranged. :slight_smile:


Don’t have to anymore, did 2 single pulls at stash and got him.


dude your so lucky


anyone knows between premier recruits and stash, whats the better drop rate.


It’s comparing apples and oranges a little - premier recruits is a guaranteed 5* or better with a 40 pull, but you don’t know who it will be. This stash is a guaranteed 6* with a 60 pull PLUS you know exactly who it is.


Stash is way better as there is an upper limit where as premier has no limit. That being said you could have to go all 60 to get him, so it’s at your peril.


Love the glen… gave him my 35hp/30def/huge ap wep at t1 lvl1 and i am aleady getting decent defends. Took him down tho cuz i want him to be better for war. Imho beats SR zeke…


Well yeah. Cause zeke isn’t a 6s and dies in 2 hits from nearly any red with mirabell lead.


Not with this wep… sr zeke is almost as big as a 6*… but i gave it to glen for now.


Carl… negan and shiva all stun on my team. Glens def/hp/ap wep is pretty good for now

Zeke has AD too


You’re lucky. I remember Konrad stash when I pulled him at the very last try.


My shiva has this on her claws … she nvr dies…

I always remember to use her AS stun tho.

I may change it one day. But works perfect in my team rn


Glenn is life. I love the new addition to my roster.