Ascend able previous 5* toons


So scopley comes out with a list of previous 5* toons that we’re going to be ascend able! It stated they would be released this summer and the summer is almost over and a ton on the list are yet to be released. But… They created new premium toons every week without fail! I understand a company has to make a profit but they need to balance that with satisfied customers … give us … the players a chance to breath and hold off on new premium toons and release a handful of the previous 5* as ascend able toon! You really don’t have to make a killing on every single aspect of the game!


It said they were next to be released. There was no promise of a summer release. The legacy ascendables will most likely be trash anyway so no need to rush them out.


Really not sure where you read to be released this summer. This is the official post.

And in the feedback thread, I’m not going to bother searching through it, but Kalishane said at one point to expect the full release to take as long if not longer than the first list.


Has the first list been completely released?


Yea. Before they started releasing from the second list.

This was the originals list. Lori was one of the last ones and she was May’s login event. So you could argue the new list started in June, maybe July.


Oh hey Jeff, you just have missed just about every other post on here since they all say the same thing.


Lol yeah I don’t get on much


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