Ascend 5 toons quest

I know ther was post about that, but please @GR.Scopely @forum.admin take it to team (lol). Probably No one want that quest. Ppl dont have medals, or dont want ascend 3*

Change that asap please.


This one is bothering me too… legit have 35k ascendance medals

I have other 2 mil but my issue is Entirely different I don’t have tons or fodder to upgrade them


I could trade you
I have about 200 5 star doubles

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Silver medals you mean? I was talking about Gold one

With the amount of 3* toons from tokens, and relatively low cost of ascending 3* to 4* is fine by me. Those 4* get burned into 5* …

But the whole ascend 5 toons needs to change for sure, switch it up to collecting buckets or something

Oh I have 2,400 gold ones

Agree. This is costing me comics and I shouldn’t have to pay to be in survivors club for this. I’m trying so hard to give you money and you’re making it very easy to take that money back.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely we need more medals.

Are we pulling out the tape measure now? :wink:

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See if you are free to play and literally have no decent toons to ascend then you will have this much because the toons are so bad only good toon I have had in about 2 maybe 3 months is claim laopo from the museum to go with james

Ascend 3*s. That simple.


That would work for this week. Buy it hapoens every 2 weeks. :rage:

Yes but then you will need 40 spare 3* which I don’t think people will save that many then if you do what are you going to do with the 4* sell them for supply markers

I did, ascend 3, and cant more

Agreed this mission is bad remove it my roster is still at 1800 so I have no 1 or 2 star to ascend

This is what I did, but it’s rather annoying to waste the resources on something that you don’t need. Getting 5 completely useless 4 stars for that work just seems like Scope is mocking me.

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let we ascend 2* at least

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