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I’ve always thought that it was weird that when you look at 6 stars in the statue that you don’t have a “where to find” option like in the museum it’d help out when trying to pull for characters without having to sit and wait for 5 minutes while watching a wheel cycle through.


Depending on what wheel you mean. I haven’t seen a single wheel take 5 minutes to see all ascendables/6 stars pass by.

I was exaggerating

Yes I know, but 5 minutes is a huge exaggeration. More like maybe a minute and a half depending on the wheel you look at

It’s called Hyperbole

Didn’t ask nor really care what it’s called.

You completely ignored the idea of the post and focused in on a “huge exaggeration” so it seems pretty clear you do care about it

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I said I didn’t care what it was called…

Clearly says I didn’t care what it was called.



Is there no 60s Spiderman image perfect for a situation?

Damn, I was just kinda hoping people would actually talk about the topic.

Honestly, I think this is a fantastic idea. I’ve thought about it a bit myself, and I do wish it would be implemented. There is something similar in museum collection, so why not in the statue? I do think it would take a little maintenance though, so I doubt Scopely would keep it current. If you want to know what is in each wheel, AFAIK, this is the best resource: Wheel / Character Pool Updates Not sure it’s up to date. Nice thread, it deserved better than it got. :blush:

Edit: there was a thread going around about a week ago giving details of a wiki someone was working on. The info you’re looking for might be in there, or maybe you could add it.

The wiki you are referencing is pinned.

I just think that it’s dumb that players have to make a database

I agree. I think it’s a missguided attempt to get the community collaborating. If they wanted to generate community good will, there would be a lot less of the blatant cash grabbing and a lot more quality of life updates.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there already is a 100% complete database already. It’s call TWD:RTS game.

So why in the world couldn’t they have a searchable catalog inside the game for us to look up our favorite toons and view their cards?

Maybe even allow us to tag them as favorites and give us a way to find where they can be obtained without having to leave the game and dig through player-created databases.

That being said… kudos for the hard work and dedication put into the DB. Looks very useful.

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I think the reason they haven’t built that into the game is that it draws no revenue, and it changes over time. Therefore it’s an ongoing labour expense that doesn’t pay for itself. I understand the logic, but the attitude just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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