Asap region merges!

Most regions by now are losing players and the regions are dying out. We are struggling to war, it takes for ever to bloody search for a matchup! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT @kalishane @ScopeIy


Bizden daha kötü olan bölge var mı?

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Its very likely that people are working during a working/schooling week. Tagged with the incredible ambitions of IDGAF amongst the population.

Bizim bölge normal de de çok farklı degil.en fazla 8 klan oluyor zaten.

Scopely has already stated that they would need to resurrect Stephen Hawking, provide him a complete complement of 20 NASA engineers and that it would take them 11 years to merge regions. I admire your hope, but it appears futile. Keep surviving my friend.


2nd best forum comment ever LOL

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I lol’d, properly. Good work Sir

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Artık biseyler yapmaları lazım. Her gün birçok oyuncu ayrılıyor. Yeni oyuncu da gelmiyor.

It would be nice if we would at least get a “never gonna happen” from our CM rather than continued radio silence

Bunlar ( scopely) birleşme olayını beceremez. Sanırım benim de artik yavaş yavaş oyunu bırakmam gerekecek. @Kalishane
Herkes bıraksın bu oyunu oynamayı.

The reality is they know about the issue but have chosen not to address it at this time. So no matter how much we scream and holler, they won’t respond. I don’t know if they ever will. They probably have a plan B or strategy that they aren’t going to divulge. Or perhaps they aren’t sure what to do. They already said no merge but I am praying they reconsider. The other thought (sadly) is that they are moving to invest in other new regions. I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore.

They wont be merging anything, sadly. The solution to this problem from their standpoint is to keep opening new regions.

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They’ve basically said that

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