As no sr does that’s mean


As a woopsie daisy you going to give us wood nuggets

Sr would have gave us wood.

Now our wood is short.

I now a few people in my faction that need to get wood in order to get Vincent.

In my case I needed wood for gear.

So to sum this up scopley please give me wood.

Want to clarify wood nuggets for collection not the other wood that is as useful as when I used to get wood at inappropriate times.


I would like some wood too lmao


You should be more specific. Ask for wood nuggets. Not just wood. :wink:


I am all clarified now.


We got our compensation already in the form of an announcement letting us know something was broken. Normally we don’t even get that much.


Thats the scopely way^^^


No SR means yet another level up, probably without nuggets as reward because F*ck You i guess



I just fcking knew it


To be fair it’s a positive step we got a message about it… before the tourney hit too, not 15mins in which is nice. As long as we don’t get another godamn level up I’ll be fine.

In fact a cheeky solo raid that drops wood nuggets and elite character tokens would be a pretty good replacement hint hint. I need a damn carl!!!


We got a faction level up as i predicted, without nuggets as also predicted


There givin us another tourney…BLITZ PLEAAAASE!!!


Plz give us another solo level up. That’s the scopely thing to do anyways.


I need wood nuggets also. Maybe replace sr with a raid event


You guys have seen the “other” tournament yeah? I wasn’t joking - its a non nugget level up


No. Please no. Say it ain’t so!


Seriously. I was being flippant above but was so very correct, certainly in marion


And that’s just happened…


Nothing in richmond yet… I guess I’ll score no points then :grin:


I really shouldn’t take the p!ss when its likely to be accurate


Booooooo - If i have to suffer you should as well xD