As a non-spending player

It’s getting pretty hard to care about keeping up in this game…to the extent I’m able to, of course, without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to Borderlands 3.


It’s impossible to keep up yeah the gap is the mariana trench now, I’ve got myself console games, so they can keep me away from rts for a long time.

As a non spending player? It’s hard as a spending player. It’s next level.


Ah, lost my regular badge again. Probably this post. :sunglasses::fearful:

This is one of my complaints being free to play, the roadmaps are getting more and more were you need the pay to play characters.
It used to be if you tried hard you could get okay and even good characters\team to finish rm. Now days you work hard get the same trash repeats that get you nowhere.
The flag and cone one you basically need the very characters you’re trying to get from it, to even beat it.


You used the f l @ g word. :open_mouth:

Tru Scopley losing Revune now. But ill be playing call of duty soon at least i pay for a game i can play and get rewards free lol

Mhw iceborne on Sept 6th, borderlands 3 soon. Both for less then a 40 pull. Let that sink in.

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i hardly spend anything and try to enjoy whatever i get free from scopley :grinning:

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I’m really looking forward to the new Star Wars game

Don’t put yourself down, your time isn’t free.


If anything… They spend all your free time

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It’s the tactic they use to make you have the urge/impulse to buy something.
It’s a cycle they have perfected over the years.

You stay relevant only if you are willing to spend or have extreme patience.

Naaah. Zero urge. Zero impulse. They are not half as smart as you make them. For a 4 years old game you would rather adjust the coin prices and big pull value (guaranteed toons like they did with Mia and 1-2 other promos). Cutting your spending playerbase down like this is dumb in many aspects.

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I use to throw 20 bucks at the game here and there when I had a little extra change but now the greed has gone so far my 20 bucks isn’t enough to get anything anymore. So why bother even throwing my money into a bottomless pit?


Exactly. I would spend sometimes up to $50 a month but that money never got me anything, some extra pulls on wheels that gave me garbage. My spending never progressed the game for me and now unless you are spending a lot there is no progression.


Borderlands I cannot wait two weeks to go!

Here you go. 600$ for 5* asc.

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That‘s not guaranteed. You only get 1 toon and you need 2 for S-class. The biggest obstacle are the collection items. Don‘t get fooled or baited by that "guaranteed“ toon.

No one wants the 6* of her if there‘s the S-class. Car without the wheels and so on.

2 will cost 1200, probably reset after 250 pulls.