As a faction definition piper event

Anyone know what these as a faction criteria mean? It seems like the 3 cross bones I collected before do not count for the 8 for piper. Nor does any faction activity. I am certain my faction is more active in opening bags and the likes but the event progress bar does not seem to ever update.

Press contribution, it’ll update


And you didn’t collect 3 crossbones. That was a glitch that allowed you to take the prize early, as if you had earned the crossbones. Aside from that, Parker is correct. For some odd reason the numbers don’t update unless you press contribution


The mystery bags is glitches. It says I’ve opened 104 as my contribution. I’ve opened waaaaay more than that. I tested it by opening 2 more, it stayed on 104.

I would ask why can’t they fix it or simply test something before they deploy an event but I have been around long enough to know better.

Hmmm working on mine. What kind of bag did you open?

All sorts. Sometimes it works for a particular type and sometimes it doesn’t. Mod boxes don’t work, the daily missions bag usually works, boxes from roadmaps often work. It’s odd.

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