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Thought this was neat. Check it out. It’s about the gaming industry and its microtransaction gambling.



It’s about time!

I have considered this game a gamble from the very beginning when I started playing it and likened it to a casino, or lottery tickets, or anything you can gamble at. The token wheels are a gamble, so is the weapons cache. When I made that comment on the old forum some people wanted to argue with me about it. That is why I would ask why anyone would spend so much money on this game, and then complain about it because they should have known what they was walking into when they started spending money on this game and spent their first 1k, but went on to spend upwards of 20k. That is why I say it is ridiculous to complain if you have spent that kind of money on this game and then want to complain about not getting what you were trying for, because after all, it is a gamble.

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Read that one, activision literally patented software to match new players with expert ones to try and provoke spending to compete, not to mention knowing what ads to push based on profile etc.

And people think scopely’s odds are on the level? you think prestige is just a number showing your spending? LOL it’s all part of algorithms to adjust and try to find your limit to maximize spending not provide a gaming experience.

Sad to see even console games get poisoned by it, we literally ruin everything with greed in today’s day and age. Can’t even pay $60 and get the full fledged game, forget paying $100 and getting a virtual item you want.


This too shall pass.

Trust me, if I can’t compete with top factions being a f2p then it won’t make me buy pulls and refills or anything else. I don’t like to gamble or getting suckered by algorithms designed in the companies favor. I take my losses in game and move on and don’t think twice about it. People in my faction are getting tired of the 30-day pass but they still buy it from time to time, they might also do a 40 pull once in a while, but some people don’t like to talk about how much they spend or how bad their losses were when spending.

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See, there you go again. You want to try to get me going again by insulting me and telling me to stay out of threads and stop sharing my opinions. Why don’t you grow up and ignore me like you claim you tried to do? You didn’t try very hard it seems. I am allowed to share my experiences, it doesn’t mean that I am trying to be self important or making everything about me, I am just sharing my experiences. Do you want me to share your experiences?

I don’t go to threads and tell you what you can say and stay out and let me and others talk. It is more like you are trying to bully me. Imagine this was a party, and I stayed away from you and wanted nothing to do with you, you would go out of your way to come up to me and ask me what am I doing there and tell me nobody wants me there and to leave and single me out. Just stop it already. Here you go again trying to take things off topic and then you are going to point the finger at me and put the blame on me, and others are going to do the same thing because of the well established bias I already have towards me. Then I am accused of hijacking the thread, which is what you keep doing. You hijack the thread to call me out and bully me and take it off topic, and then I get the blame. This is the evidence for today.

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Who is going to take the time to read all of this ?

I wouldn’t bother, it’s the same woe is me, why pick on me when I’m so great speach every time.

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