Arson attack on Kyoto Animations in Japan

The studio that produced wonderful anime such as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid which gave me hours of laughter, was subjected to a cruel fate. The attack has killed 33 people where most of them were amazing employees and left many others injured as well. It’ll be very tough for the victims’ families to cope with it and I hope that they’ll be alright. I know Season 2 of Dragon Maid will be delayed(or even worse cancelled), but the people who make these splendid anime matter MUCH more. I remember a TWD Telltale game saying “Things can be replaced, people can’t.”


@GHOSTONMETOAST you took it too far this time…

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This was very sad news, it was especially sad to wake up and hear the news of Dragon Maids director. All we can really do is look back at their works and enjoy what they left us with :cry:

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“…the people who make these splendid anime matter MUCH more”, they matter more than anyone else? Or how I shall understand this?

Japanese news outlets report that the animation studio has stolen ideas from the culprit. That’s what he has been saying to the authorities.

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