Arrows Roadmap Question

I’ve been doing the arrow roadmap and 99% sure I have more than 10 arrows to unlock the quill roadmap.

Not unlocked yet and I’ve no way to tell if I’ve collected a single arrow it seems.

What am I missing here!?

It tells you how many arrows you have in the upper right hand corner where the bronze & silver Radios are shown.

Not anymore it doesn’t. I noticed this earlier too. The counter is missing on mine as well.

You’re right I just logged in to and they’re gone. That’s really weird it was there a few hours ago. Typical.

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Yep. I would love to say I’m surprised but I’m not. I noticed it when I opened a bag and couldn’t remember how many arrows I have now. I suppose I can only say I don’t have 10 because I wouldn’t be able to open the road map. So maybe 1, maybe 9. Lol


I have 10. I have received every bag so far and only one bag with 2 in, so there have only been 9 bags so far if that helps.

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I still see my arrow count in the upper right corner. I’ve noticed that the arrow count will disappear after unlocking and completing the map but when the quill map resets, the arrow counter will return.


Just ran the roadmap for the 1st time sigh had 12 now I have none🤷🏼‍♂️
Ps 11 runs 12 arrows but I did get 108 quills from bags

Arrow counter always vanishes once youve used them and completed the roadmap, has done for years now. Its basically annoying but if you cant use them currently i dont see the problem with it


It doesn’t show but it still allows you to collect them and run the roadmap.

I can still see my arrow count and I’ve run the map twice.

I was gonna say yea once you complete the rm the arrow counter goes away but when the rm resets the count will go back to top right of your screen also one of my fac mates got that golden quill first day if event so there isnt any other thing other then the weapon to use if you do get lucky and get it again but I think the gun isnt that good anyway

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Does anyone know if we need to get the bear paw token from the black market or can we skip it

The description of the event says you can earn up to 40, and it takes 40 for brutus.

While there is some speculation about this, at face value it seems you need that paw.

Not going to take the chance we don’t need it and so will get it. What I’m currently debating is whether to buy the arrow bags for coins…

I’ve done the golden once, earning 64. So at that rate I need to run it 4 times. I’m halfway to another run so feel like I’ll get 3 runs at it… fully expect to get 1 arrow for 100 coins but if I need to run it again on Friday and I’m 4-5 arrows off it I’ll be kicking myself when all 3 bags yield 1 arrow

@Lockdown says he’s trying to get better clarification from Scopely themselves when they get back to work on Monday.
I guess I’m telling you to watch his youtube channel, lol.

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Yeah Ty they came back👍

I already watch it lol

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May well be Tuesday, Monday is a holiday! Hopefully they are willing to let people know either way

I did the arrow bag for 225. Turned out pretty decent. All leagues and PLU coins, so didn’t cost me anything.

Edit: I worded it poorly: arrow bagS for 225 EACH. So 775 total.