Arrow Token Explanation [12/12]

Greetings Survivors,

Please see the below detail on the listed odds display categories for the Last Words: Bear Hunt

Arrow Token Wheel:

  • Event Collectible 1 contains letters a, c, d, g, l, n, u, w
  • Event Collectible 2 contains letters a, f, i, m, o, s
  • Event Collectible 3 contains letters e, h, r ,t , t
  • Event Collectible 4 contains Feathered Arrows, Gold Quills and Silver Quills
  • Event Collectible 5 contains Elf Hats



What are the odds here?
Do i get 1% to get 1 or something else?

How about a collection to unload the arrows i can’t use since I ain’t buying the quills


So how do the odds break down within each collectible?

If there’s 8 letters in collectible 1, is that a 12.5% chance for each? So I think a 0.25% chance of each overall?

I don’t these odds are clear at all. Why isn’t each letter/item given its own % so it’s entirely clear what you are paying for? And why are some letters maybe easier to get than others?

I often roll my eyes when people say they are being ripped off and mutter “caveat emptor”, but handing out letters we pay for that don’t carry over doesn’t seem right to me. You are basically giving scopely money for nothing. Please can the powers that be explain what I’ve misunderstood?

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Silver quills should be winnable in the next solo level up next week though.


Something tells me that Event Collectibles 5 contains letters: f, u, c, k, y, o, u

PS. I’m sure that someone would still pull


Event Collectible 1 contains 8 letters, only 2 of which appears in “the heArts Desire”

So do you not think its pretty f_cking shady that you are soliciting money from customers when 75% of these (assuming it is fairly weighted) are basically chocolate teapots as part as far as this segment of the event is concerned?

Either need to not expire between segments or you need to sort out your wheel

Also, I think you’ve got “t” in there twice


Put silver quills as event rewards and in coin boxes!
Stop being so greedy !

Respect your players


Seriously you people need to stop being so deceptive and making everything so complicated.

So many convoluted events that drive the dollar for next to worthless items.

Boot to the throat since I/we don’t want to spend.


Sadly, Scopely’s respect to the player base is the same respect a bull gives to astronauts. That being none.



Haha, they converted the crappy letter odds from arena from jones event into a pay wheel…

greed at its best

Why are you including letters to the arrow token wheel, that aren’t even included in the milestones? That makes no sense.

I didn’t need the L, but it is in the milestones, so that just hard luck for me. But the M? I also got a C, but didn’t get a ss. There isn’t an M or C in there, so that’s 2 none prizes right there. There shouldn’t be anything in that that we can’t make use of, it isn’t even like the letters carry over to some over event.



Because they’ll be used in the next puzzle.

Oh wait, those you’ve pulled in this segment will expire. Shitty shitty design.


Exactly, they don’t carry over, it’s so dumb.

I mean they might as well put a bag with a choice of 1 Survivor, 1 Food, 1 Wood or 1 Replenish…


:rofl::rofl: yes. They’re more use than the letters we don’t need


I purchased 7.99 offer twice with google cards I got for Christmas.
The first one I got elf hats and 5 letters… not one single letter was in these current words.

I mean what the “F”
There is a letter for them :joy:

On the second offer I did tonight I pulled another 5 letters and the rest elf hats, 2 of the letters were of use.


So effectively that’s 8k tokens Scopely just threw away for you. That’s bullshit, there’s no excuse for this kind of stuff