Armoury tokens or the lack there of

Spenders already have a gigantic advantage with the toons they get from pulls now the only really way to get any armoury tokens is again to spend a small fortune. We desperately need a free farmable way to get theses armoury tokens. Without them free to play and small spenders have no chance at completeing against these extremely over powered teams something needs to give and it shouldn’t be us giving u more money!!!


Just do a million arenas for 10 tokens each. Problem solved

Seeing this issue more and more on here. Its getting as sparce as gear and trainers getting those tokens. I think arena you get armory tokens. I’m upgrading my armory currently and am saving mine up. Haven’t used any since 5* began. Hopefully by the time I get armory leveled to 20 ill have enough to do a while.

This game is a never ending turn to a pay to advance.
Everything is developed around putting you in a corner and making you pay if you want to achieve anything anymore.


Otherwise you will be now dominated in 2020

Crafting has come to a complete halt for me.
And i always do Arena’s. Just another strangle hold on another commodity in this game. :-1:

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Painted themselves into a corner, don’t worry though , they’ll fix it by destroying the floor entirely …and then do the exact same thing againe.

They’ve done it with every major change

I’ve also noticed a huge change in the success of weapons since the introduction of 5*…I used to be “in a good weapon bucket,” and didn’t have too much misfortune with weapon crafting. Suddenly since the release of 5*, I fail substantially and noticeably more often.

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Meh. I don’t think the change in success is a big deal. It effects everyone. So at least it’s kinda equal.

I’d rather have it like that than a bunch of people with amazing weapons right of the bat.

It is frustrating that we all waste tokens and parts
just to have them all fail.

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Top players already do have top 5* weapons

Yes, I’m sure. Gladly I don’t face them. :joy::joy:

There’s a lot of cheating going on with weapons to atm which doesn’t help :pensive:

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