Armoury crash when trying to do the tutorial

Is anyone else getting this? Cant even craft because it’s making me do the tutorial.

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Same here

Yep, same here. No return from support yet.

Think wil be fixed with new update 22.1

Yep, same… everyone else is researching and crafting… i can’t even disassemble

Same. Can’t touch armory without crashing the game until this gets resolved.

Yeah, everyone in my faction is researching and sending screenshots and stuff… us unlucky ones get to be left very far behind with no explanation or compensation… thanks scopley, business as usual

Would be Nice if scopely give An answer to this problem we are getting behind other players

I’ve messaged support twice now and they both gave me the same answer, and I told them it didnt work. I cant craft,disassemble or anything else because of this tutorial.

I tried clear cache ,switching regions , no succes they Just have to remove the stupid tutorial.

Scopely fixed the problem thanks u scopely

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely any answer on this? support being no help as usual… we can’t do anything with our armories

Same. Still no fix on my end. Falling behind with the new armory features.

Come on scopely fix the other guys too, good Luck hope soon yall good too (-’

I have had armory bug for going on 6 months now and can’t use my armory. It would be really nice if you would fix your bugs before rolling out an update. This is really pissing me off. I can’t even touch my armory without everything resetting. =/

bump, due to lack of any response…

Anyone else still having this problem? Sure would be nice to use my armory again…

yeah, still a problem… told by support that they’re aware of it and looking to fix… also told we’ll receive no compensation even though we are not going to be able to do the missions for using the armory… thanks again Scopely

Tomorrow I will get S Class Aarav which is great… not being able to craft his weapon, is not!

BUMP, still waiting for some acknowledgment of a fix…