WTH is the thing with armory upgrades? I’m sick and tired of getting the same shit every time I try to upgrade my weapons. I have 2 armories working 24/7 and am about to run out of supplies now for being able to make anything. In our region (BIBBS) we have a faction that handles the armory for us so that we always have at least a 30+% guarantee of success per craft. That is 3+ times out of 10, we should have a successful craft. Well that doesn’t seem to be working for me. And it is a constant complaint I hear from many other members of our faction. Can you do better than this? Ty!

What exactly are you asking for? Better luck?

That’s not how statistics work. Each attempt does not increase chances of crit exponentially. And the 30% increased chance doesn’t mean you will get the desired crit outcome.

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You’ll justhave have to keep trying, literally nothing we can do to help you.

ok here is the Secrect… join top faction in ur region nd see the differnce… i mean it rank 1st or least rank 2nd

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Yes, when was the last time your craft failed? I have a successful craft 99.9% of the time

There are several critical outcomes, it’s not always going to be the one you want. People have all sorts of stories on what works the best. Me personally I put in 2 weapons with both going for same outcome. When they fail (because they will) you reset and try again. You also may wanna rotate what sort or weapons your going for. It took me 2 years and 50plus tries for first critical success that I actually wanted. Before 6* duct tapes and pk were basically unheard of and hard to come across. Be happy they provide so many ways to get them now and you can run your armory 24/7

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Give it time, it will happen.

Took over a year to get stun on red, a year and a half for stun in green.

Don’t keep putting the same weapon in for the same thing. Mix it up. Try putting 3*s through on level 2 stuff, like crit.

I would suggest taking the gambling element out of it altogether! There are a lot of us out here dedicated to this game and who are yes spending varying degrees of money on it each and every week. Why not give another option of earning an upgrade? One way of doing that might be to set up a points system whereby rewards of so many points are given to a player depending on the level of participation that player showed during an event. That or some other way to help the problem would be nice.

In closing I will make one other point about the gambling aspect of the game. Whether it is a number of pulls for new toons or selecting featured items where you have to risk a certain amount of game coins to hopefully get the thing you really want (e.g. spend 250 coins for a chance to get 3 2*, 3*, 4* trainers or 3 2* Samuels, And yes I have gotten the Samuels in that deal.) Or wherever else the element of risk is used. That is the thing that causes distrust and frankly discouragement among members of the community. And it is THE primary overriding factor that is driving players away. It’s like the lottery. Some people have played it for years and still play it every week knowing that the odds of ever winning are very, very slim. Still they chase that rainbow. Other people on the other hand wise up and quit playing figuring they are never going to win anyway. I tell you the whole thing with this game smacks of a money grab, and say what you will, there is an army of fellow dedicated players who share my frustration.

Ok s1acker, do you expect me to believe that? That is BS and you know it. lmao!

100% I don’t even remember when my screen said “crafting failed”.

Who the hell are you TheSurvivor? I’ve never heard of you partner. Why reply to my post at all if you have nothing constructive to offer. But I guess I should have known there would be at least one smart ass in this forum community. I’m sure Scopely is proud of you! But know this, if I post any type of concern on this forum or any other, it’s because I do like this game and would like to continue playing it.

Let me explain: duct tape used you will always have a success.
Duct tape and polish kit : your weapon will change it can be either critical with 3 out comes or non critical
If you use nothing but have territories then you have a chance at crafting successful and a chance at getting critical
If you have no Terrs and no pk or Dt you will likely fail
Critical success is never guaranteed however most the time when using pk you will get 1 of 3 success option

Thank you Jlag for your responses!

Whoa whoa whoa buddy no giving out scopely secrets!

I do wish their was a way for 100% crit, maybe with pk and both territories it can equal 100% crit… Oh boy oh boy the dream world

Calm down I just got abs def for Yvettes weapon using crit territories. So happy.

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