Armory Tokens Questions

Any way to spend armory tokens with an armory at Level 17? I am newer to the game and trying to complete the Battle Pass challenge but don’t see a way to “spend” tokens to get to the 25,000. Thanks in advance for any insight.

No, I don’t think so sorry

Methinks Scopely blooped by not designing missions wih all their playerbase in mind

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What!!! Never. lol…

I’m thinking if you do some research it may count as armory tokens used. I have not done this yet so I can’t be for sure good luck

Research counted last time they were part of a challenge

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I looks like according to other research don’t expect the usage to count until the research is completed

Research counts but not until the research is completed.

Can you research epic skills at lvl20 though? I don’t think so…

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Yeah I wasn’t commenting on that just clearing up whether research counts. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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