Armory tokens not counting x2

A picture say more than a hundred words


It only registers when the armory task is complete. In this case, in 24 hours.


which dont make sense since you cant cancel it :thinking:

I agree. They don’t seem to think things through when coding these event missions (see also: “login for x day(s)” mission).

yup, had that glitch on me too. torch map didnt register either. no reply from support yet.

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there is your mistake right there… assuming what $copely does makes sense.

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The log in is refreshing with your daily log in bonus (prestige crate / fac helper tokens). Players who logged in before event started are “punished” and might miss one day log in eventually (I get the log in clock reset 2 hours before event and it’s during my midnight).

Not a bug, just omission / ignoring user friendly approach.

Counting of tokens after job complete comes from food/materials spending that you could have aborted. Not a bug, just reusing old code approach.

The torches are a real bug that isn’t fixed (and prolly won’t be either), so we got a compensation of 5 sparkles and 170 torches.

People tend to complain of Scopely, but what I see here is pretty much workable…

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