Armory tokens not counting in Battle Pass weekly

As I stated in the title, I just burned 50K armory tokens to get that battle pass record and they didn’t count. Will be submitting a support ticket. Anyone else seeing this bug?

How did you use the armory tokens? On crafts or research? Are any of those still active and haven’t finished crafting yet?

I used them for research. I’m going to be really irritated if I had to use them for crafting and the milestone just didn’t specify.

It doesn’t register till after armoury tokens have been used i.e what every you used it on has researched or crafted hope this helps

Are you sure about that? The tokens have been removed from my inventory, so from that perspective, they have been used already.

Would be happy to be wrong about this.

You only get credit when the craft or research is finished. I used 10k to craft on my weapon and didn’t get credit until the craft was done

That is correct. Tokens only count to the missions when the research or craft is finished.

Excellent, thank you all for clarifying this.

Have to wait for timer to finish. Can confirm research and crafting both count

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