Armory Tokens....15 stupid characters

Really? Just for once, try to avoid your obsession with monetizing every possible aspect of your game. It’s hideously “expensive” to work with your great and improved armory and by all reports you’ve either broken it or on the sly greatly lowered the odds of successfully using it. Come on.


But look at that 1% chance of a 5 star weapon from the wheel. Oooh shiny shiny new please spend more


Lol…thanks. I needed to laugh.

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Ive tried the new armory a lot of times alrdy. I find the crit chance to be even higher than the old armory. But the problem is i cant get the exact crit outcome i want.
Just gotta keep trying

Also 5* parts should sell for tokens, not for wood

They’re not even good weapons
Amd they start at 30% main stat. Should be 40, like an upgraded 4* weapon

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Yeah but ooooh shiny, new…

Doesnt matter anyway the new stats dont work still waiting for a reply about the maim still not working

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I think that the bigger use will be maxing a 4 start weapon THEN upgrading it to 5 star for the extra slot and/or the 3 more tries at upgrades.

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