Armory Token from Wheel too low

Since I did not find any Thread about it:
Is there any information about the weapon wheel that is suppossed to give 100k armory tokens when you hit those, but instead gives a low number each time (like 4k in my case), but nowhere near the promised and explicitly named 100k token?

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its not supposed to give 100k

The odds are how scopley Hides their really mega shitty odds.

instead of posting real odds where everything is broken down so you would have a diff percentage for the diff amount of tokens like below

10 token = 10%
20 tokens = 10 %
100 tokens = 10%
1000 tokens = 10%
2000 tokens = 9%
100k tokens = 1%

they roll it all into one and just put it down under “armour tokens = 50%” very shady way of hiding the true odds but they do it cos they know a lot of players are mugs and will just open their wallets


BTW you have been scopley’d :rofl: :rofl:


Well, but thats not just hiding the odds, it explicitely says 100k tokens only, it’s not like the s-class items where does not state any number, it shows up as 100k tokens only.
So it should only give 100k tokens and no other number, there is noway this could be twisted into “but we did not say you would get x amount” because this time, they actually did.

But as I know scopely, they won’t care anyway, still thought I try to get any respone from them tho.

No, it doesn’t.

100k armoury tokens appears in the wheel. But the odds simply say “Armoury Tokens - 50%”. That is a non-specific amount and is quite likely skewed as suggested by @CrazySausage


There are always more things in the wheel than what is shown on the rotation. They show you the things that will entice you to pull and then give you crap. I thought this was common knowledge 🤷

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yes scopleys favourite bait and switch.


Bro its only another trash event,you need spend a lot of money to have a chace to get one thing good

I suspect that you are close to what is happening here. I have done a few draws to get some tokens to try to finish the event, but the numbers of tokens I get are typically around 1k or less.

its what they do with every type of item. Cakes, cones, keys bullets etc.

Nothing has a break down it all just says “collection items” so when you pull and get 1 cake it falls under “collection items”

Scopley walking a very shady grew area

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