Armory Special Stat Schematic

i don’t really get how armory works.

when i upgrade a weapon, should i upgrade choosing the same schematic at the same level? is this how people get legendary weapons after three upgrades?

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you know how you can choose different level when choosing the schematics?
like, Level 1 Slayer, Level 2 Slayer, Level 3 Slayer.

and each weapon can be upgraded three times before being restored to its original stats.
do people upgrade using the same level schematic (ie all level 3 slayer), or mix of levels and schematics (level 1 slayer + level 2 defense + level 3 raider)?

sorry, i’m a bit confused by the system, so i don’t really know how to express my question clearly.

You can only do one special on a weapon. The other two slots must change or bump a basic stat.

Think about what the final weapon should look like. For example, I want a “stun on attack” weapon for my green character. Most attacking greens will benefit most from additional AP and additional attack. So, I want to start with a weapon like this, with +30 attack to start with.

The first thing to do is put slayer 3 on this weapon. If I don’t get stun on attack, move to the next weapon. If I don’t have any more weapons with +30 attack, I will reset this weapon and try again. Repeat over and over until I get the special. Once I get the special, don’t reset it.

Next, try for huge AP on attack. Use “replace basic stat”, choose AP on attack, slot 2.

Finally, bump the attack. Use “upgrade basic stat”, choose attack, slot 1.

Another common weapon is absdef. To completely tank out the weapon, I want absdef special, 35 def, 30 HP. Start with a weapon that has 30 def. Try defender 3 special, if I don’t get absdef I either move to another similar weapon or reset. Once I get absdef, never reset. For the second update, “replace basic stat”, choose HP level 3, slot 2. Then, “upgrade basic stat”, choose def level 3, slot 1.

Biggest things to remember:
Start with a +30 weapon.
Only do level 3 upgrades*
Try for the special first.
Once you get the special, don’t reset.
Be very careful to choose the slot very carefully, don’t overwrite your special.

*You may want to do a level 2 craft in some cases, but only after you’re comfortable with crafting and understand why you want to do a level 2 craft instead of a level 3.


so, the “three slots” are for special stats and replace basic stats, and upgrade basic stats.

what’s that thing about “ultra rare weapons can be modified 3 times” ?

sorry, i know the armory system has been out for a loooong time, but i only recently gathered enough parts to try this out.

This is all for the third spot to see what choice makes what.

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Alot to explain but let’s try just doing special 3rd slot upgrades. So using the chart above @Someloser posted we will try a the yellow weapon for this. 1st we look at chart for what we want say “absolute defense”

which as you can see there are 3 out comes possible. So to try craft it we go to and then from the 1st pick it say def level 3 u choice that. if you don’t get the results ur after reset the weapon start again. It takes over 24hr to try this so give it ago come back on and we can help with the next move.
It also helps success by holding the 2 crit territorys when crafting.

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ok, i do have a green katana, i’m gonna try level 3 slayer with critical.

let me wait and see what happens.

thank you guys all for helping me out.

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I find this one the easiest to read

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If you have toons that you will soon be replacing, sometimes worth giving them the first two upgrades and not wasting time going for the special to give you a boost in the short term.

For people with good rosters and fully levelled up armories (so playing a while), I agree with you.

If you are just starting, putting the first two slots on random weapons you can switch in and out might help you more than waiting til you can muck about with the third slot on ascended toons with their own special weapons first.

I didn’t mention duct tape btw. I didn’t say “yeah it’s a really good idea to waste you duct tape on this”.

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Great chart for easy reference of “best possible outcome”. For th OP, this chart shows best possible, but not a guaranteed outcome. Doing Defender 3 for Absolute Defense on a yellow weapon doesnt guarantee it. If you get reflect damage, of bonus defense, you can reset the weapon and try again, or try on a different weapon. Many people have tried for (insert desired stat) and gotten junk dozens of times before getting the desired outcome. Just keep trying, and it will happen eventually

Spot on JoJo forgot about lower levels Ty

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