Armory rework is BS

What was the point of changing the way the armory works did somebody have an issue with the way it worked before or is it that you just wanted to make it harder for us to craft good weapons? It used to be if you craft with only critical success territories and a kit then it would either give you a critical success or fail now all of a sudden you can craft a mod as I just stated however instead of failing or getting critical success you will now get normal success when did this happen and why was there no notice on this sneaky little change?

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This is how it has always been, your bucket probably wasn’t as leaky back in the day.
The rest of us it is successful failures and complete failures 100% of the time.


Lol, we’re you crafting without tape or success areas?

This past couple months just the crit territories trying to change it up. Figured it doesn’t matter anymore since the release of armory I have only gotten 10 weapons over 400, 3 of which are really crappy stun and a revive. The the other 6 are nothing special.
I should add that with the armories going daily.

I only craft with the critical territories and only use PK and have had many successful but not critical crafts as long as I can remember. Only time I use DT is if I am going for a special stat

It has been like this for a long time. I would say count yourself fortunate that this is the first you are seeing this.


I never craft with territory. Dunno why but have better lucky without it.


I’m sure the odds were dropped a while back.
That still complies with iOS/Google TOS, right?


Oh I’m sure the Crafting Odds are the same as Pull Odds and all the other odds in this game, Different For Everyone depending on how much you pay or don’t pay.

I’m more suggesting that it’s more than likely in addition to buckets, they likely also get throttled as needed.

Either way, if they aren’t posted, they cant legally break them.

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Yeah I never thought of that :thinking: It quite possibly could be the case and truthfully at this I wouldn’t put anything past them anymore :man_shrugging:

Uhhh it’s always been like this. Don’t you notice how the critical success bar isn’t full? It isn’t full because you could possibly not get a critical success.

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