Armory questions


Hello, still learning about this armory.

I found a dropbox post showing all the critical rates, etc.

I am working on making an alert stun gun which is “defender level 3” critical “trait”.

What does the trait mean and is possible to get the stun on any gun?

The whole armory thing confuses me so if anyone have tips or a guide to look at it would help a lot. Still really not good weapons either so I need to get better weapons to upgrade.


Just the informal name of the upgrade… specifically for those of that trait (alert in this case)


Ok that helps a bit from you both…

I guess what throws me off is the critical part has a small chance of success. But theres multiple sections to the critical part - how can I go for the “trait” part which in this case is the stun gun. Im trying to get it on my “precise army pistol” which is my best alert weapon as of now. @Trout @metsknicks49ers

thanks for help lads


There isn’t a direct path to getting stun. You just put defender 3, duct tape, polish, hopefully have the territories, and cross your fingers.


Trait is the MOST elusive… many people try 30-40 times without luck… and mostly will get the universal crit upgrade success 80% of the time with crit success.


ahh i understand, i also saw that stronger weapons could get a chance to stun? is that true with any stronger weapon?


Any strong weapon can stun when attacking.
Any alert weapon can stun when defending.
Any fast weapon can block damage (absolute defense).
Any tough weapon can impair.

Any means all 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* weapons.


are those the best things possible to get for each trait?


So much innocence… LVJ, if I can give you even better advice, get out while you still can bud, you’ve only dipped your toes in.

Because in 2 years time, that pretty girl in your arms in that profile pic will be gone.

All you’ll have left is a Prestige 12 account, an armoury full of failed 4* weapons, serious credit card debt and all those 6*'s that you worked and possibly spent so much for will (in the next two years) all of a sudden become obsolete within two weeks of 7* toons being released.

Uninstall this game and enjoy life… Good Luck!


Best is subjective, but the meta right now is to get weapons under that trait heading, yes. This applies to raiding and wars…if you’re not a war type person, it’s not necessary to get those special mods.

metsknicks49ers has the list of ‘good’ mods for raiding/war.

And just to be clear, any weapon can get any mod. Getting the mod is random, so just keep trying until you get what you want. Despite what people say, there’s no secret to getting what you want, it’s just patience and luck.