Armory question

Debate going on in fac chat, but when you grab the territories Washington and high school, do they take away your chances of getting crit success? Thank you

Idk but (puts tinfoil hat on) whenever I have the success territories I always seem to fail and get success.


that’s cause youre f2p

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True scopley always trying to put us f2p down @Sage

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No, they have no effect on critical success, only normal success rate (e.g. better chance for craft to succeed if you didn’t use duct tape for 100%) If you use duct tape they have no effect on anything

In my crafting experience success territories decreases your crit success and most likely 90% of time you will hit success stay instead of crit stat

well i hve …
5 stun guns
5 impaire guns
6 green stun on attack
6 abs def.
in my experiance i always take critical terrotries only and use duck take and polishing kit both

How do I get the dt and pk bot?

sorry i mean ‘‘both’’

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