Armory needs a back button

Am I just missing it or what but when say I craft a part and need to craft different parts I need to get out of the armory and go back in find the gun I was crafting parts for and go threw it all again


If you click on the part it shows you’re missing, it gives you the option to go to craft parts

I got stuff in armory now will check when it’s done Tom thanks I looked around a lot but couldn’t find a way to do it

I think I see what ur saying but say I want rampage and I have no parts for it when I click on a part and go to craft and I need more of the other parts I can’t remember all parts to craft when in the crafting section there’s no back button so I got to get out of armory go back in and click on next part I need to craft I cannot find a back button in therw


Yeah it is annoying. You can go to craft parts but once you’ve crafted those parts you have to go find the weapon again. It would be a much smoother process if you could go straight back to the weapon you were trying to upgrade and start the craft.

If there is a way to do that I haven’t found it.

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