Armory glitch with crit territories


So this just happened. 100% positive we

had both crit territories when crafting. I even checked to make sure that the 30% crit bonus was showing after I started crafting. 10 minutes after the crafting started the teams were pulled from the crit territories. Now the crit bonus is gone. Never experienced this in the past.


The freaking game is broken, contact support.


that would be nice but of course it doesnt work.


It does work. You lied to us.


It’s a visual glitch, when it completes it will show you that u had the bonus


Hahaha why was I flagged?


You dont need to click it. You can see it.


why the fuck were those posts flagged


I think the territory updates are lagging.


The % visual goes away, but when the craft pulls it will show the 30%.

The only way you ducked up is if you crafted seconds after capturing the territories.

This has been addressed many time on this forum.

As @Sasagirl said, this is all about attention.


Why were those posts flagged