Armory glitch? Hacking?

My understanding of the armory is that you get 3 slots for 4* weapons. One for +30% HP, one for +5% HP and another for +5% HP so how is this possible? I’ve never seen another weapon like this and it isn’t that big of a deal because it is only +5% HP, but was it a glitch that allowed them to do this? Perhaps they bought the extra upgrade on VK?


stock shotgun only has had hp added and must of been lucky to get all 3 crits

+40% is cap though unless it is already provided on the weapon when you pull it. The military shotgun has no HP without any upgrades.

I know its hacked worse hacked stat wise ha

Or it’s a Scopely employee testing again in a live region, as they have done before.

This is a dead region, plus I know the guy and he’s no developer lol

So if you know them ask?
I just wanted to through in the team testing part, I always wonder if that’s the case when people ask about cheats. If it has happened before, all admitted on old forum, then it could happen again.

I’ve tried that… he just deflects the question, I know him but never said we liked each other.

Yup dats a hack

But if you could hack weps, wouldn’t you go for something better? Lol j/s

I agree though, not possible through anything the armory can produce as intended.

To try and not make it so ‘sus’. Makes it sus anyway, having hp in the 3rd slot to begin with -_-

only guns with base 30 can do this but who would anyway?