Armory failure and weapon parts

Out of curiosity I want to know if people bother using crit and success parts when crafting or just roll the dice.

Been trying to get another impair rifle for a month now and getting pretty tired of “def +30 when hp > 70”

Lol i think it is waste to not use those parts … even using them its hard to get highest crit … i cant imagine without using them


At this point I’ve probably tried to craft a pair of blue rifles more than 16 times each. Dumping that many duct tapes and polish kits to get nothing really sucks.

Would love for those parts to be more common… Or I could buy SC like that’s going to happen LOL

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You still need duct tape with sc

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I get impair every time when I try

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I don’t try for special skills very often, but whenever I did, it took me in general 5-7 attempts on average (remember getting 15/35 on first attempt tho, on a stun/focus gun that took just 4 attempts to boot). My worst success rate was -30AP on green, it failed like 50 times - you know why? Because I was an idiot and crafted defender3, instead of supporter3 all the time - it was before they made the possible results visible directly in game.
Once I got it sorted out, I crafted it on 3rd or 4th attempt.

Now I am slowly prepping for some of the rare skills - cleanse on my other stun/focus (for Pete) and a rampage. Wanted to save up blowtorches to binge craft the skills during special territories (holding another one for a total 72.5% crafting), but alas - new leagues happened and I got just two (had one left from last season)

Good to hear

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Well it doesn’t matter what I do I never get epic success on anything. F rng

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I had so far just non-epic crit success on teamplayer4 - the 15/35 I actually wanted - both for my stun/focus gun (1st try) and stun/heal sword (6th attempt)

Tried maybe 8 times for other epics, but nothing good yet.

Tried like 60 times total for special skill level4 (got 3 stun/heal, two stun/focus and two impair/elusive), while double atk/crit up is eluding me on 8th try so far

16 times is not a lot, took me way more than 50 for my first rampage

Been out of varnish so can’t bet crit territories will help.
One of the worst things ever created in this game: the armory

I remember the day mods launched, you thought “oh neat, ill add a bronze mod and get a boost to def”

a week later you realize that you are trying to war teams that already had gold sets and you would have better luck attempting to perform brain surgery with a rusty spoon.

those were the days LOL

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I got rampage 2x on each weaps first craft. I’ve had literally nothing helpful ever since :joy:

Well over a hundred tries for rampage

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