Armory Dropper Glenn and 0 Energy Roadmap?


Does he work on there? It is a roadmap.

I just got him on my Lucille Token pull and figure if I’m going to be grinding, might as well double up.

I know his drop rate is terrible but no reason to use medium dropper or anything else on there.

But I haven’t gotten a drop yet that I’ve noticed…



He does work on there, got him last week from the tokens and have been using him. The drop rate is awful but have had occasional bits and a few tokens after a few hours of grinding this map.

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Yes @Shadowmaker the drop rate for green glenn part drop is ungodly horrible. I used him for the first 0 energy roadmap and I believe I only had 5 total drops. Most of them were 1* weapon parts and maybe 30 total 4* weapon tokens.

In other words. He is just a pointless drop lead toon.

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