Armory crit issue?

I know, especially with this game, that crit can fail however I’ve had at least 7 crits fail in a row when holding territories and using a PK. Does this seem right?

Anything is possible with rng. Keep surviving. Good luck with crafting in the future.

7 in a row is that really different weapons or you talking about the same one that’s pretty bad luck

I just open this this morning though I didn’t use duct tape or success territories only crit was applied

That is bullshit, everytime I do an upgrade on a weapon it only gives me 20-30 points upgrade. How do you apply crit to upgrading weapins? I use spray paint when I have it along with super glue, I use polishing kits and duct tape when I have it as well and can’t get a damn weapon to get over 350. WTF am I NOT doing right?

The only time you use all options is your very first time crafting a weapon after you get your first upgrade that you want you don’t ever use success again you only use Krit because the only thing that you want is critical .
If you keep on using duct tape excetera for Success you will not get high damaging weapon

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Thats awful advice. Youll be wasting polishing kits. The craft can’t crit if it doesn’t even succeed


I actually thought the opposite lol. I have over 10 more PKs than DTs.

It isn’t terrible advice if you are doing a stat replacement - no one wants a great skill and then two lots of 24% with it, but on a stat upgrade I frankly don’t care about 33% or 35% so might as well just plump for the best and live with it

Same weapon. The RNG is so bad…

Using one and not the other doesn’t always work. What if the mod would have been critical but the overall craft failed? I always use the basic craft component, whether duct tape or glue

I think the point is, for the second and third upgrade, if it fails you can try again. If it succeeds but doesn’t crit, you’re stuck with a less desirable stat than you were hoping for and one of those little green slots filled. Not saying its sensible, but I can see the logic


You’re on the ball brother kana

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Does this really work? I thought it first rolled for success, and then if that roll succeeds it does another roll for crit. The two are independent rolls, so the odds of success-and-no-crit compared to crit should be exactly the same, only there are more total fails (and therefore more wasted materials).

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Yes, you are right, that’s what it does.

But think about this scenario. You get Stun on a Desert Eagle and want to go with 30% HP alongside the 30% defence. If the craft succeeds, but doesn’t crit, you are left with 24% HP and a slot taken up. If you craft but fail, that slot is still available to use up on the second go.

It is risky, for the exact reason you said - you can’t get crit without the success first, so you are increasing the risk of wasting your Polishing Kit. But, in the right circumstances and (if you are like me) Polishing Kits aren’t your limiting resource you might consider it worthwhile for the extra 6% (or to get Huge AP instead of V.Large)

Well I’m not just a pretty face

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Yeah, but the ratio of succeed-but-no-crit and crit should be the same, right?

So lets’ use hypothetical numbers. Say, for simplicity’s sake, the crit chance is 40% (with item) and success chance 20% (without item, guaranteed with).

So in a 1000 crafts, you would expect 1000 successes with success item, and about 200 success without succes item.

Of the 1000 success with success item, you would expect about 40 % to crit, so 400, and about 600 to not crit. Of the 200 successes without success item, you would expect about 40 % to crit, so 80, and about 120 to not crit.

So your odds of getting a crit are 1/3 either way (400/600 = 80/120 = 1/3). Leaving away the success item doesn’t affect the likelihood of getting a crit in the long run, it just makes it take longer.

Or am I mistaken somewhere? I have a weapon where it would be relevant…

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I actually use both techniques, only use duct tapes for special stats, for upgrading defence I only use a PK but for 30% HP I use both bonus items, just because the gear is that much easier to come by.

Actually tried to get a bonus 35 crit special stat on a Lucille using only a PK & accidentally got a stun weapon. Trying again with a sword.

It doesn’t improve chances.

Think of it like this. There are two lotteries to enter. Both offer £1m

Lottery A cost £10 a ticket, gives you a chance at £1m but might give you £500k and a kick in the nuts.

Lottery B costs £5 a ticket, gives you the same chance at £1m, but gives nothing else

Most of us would go for A, because if we don’t get the £1m, we still might get the £500k.

The rest of us would wonder if this hypothetical scenario lost all meaning around the time I involved being kicked in the nuts…

Basically it isn’t about affecting the chance of the outcome, it is about avoiding the second outcome (24% stat, very large AP) and using up an upgrade slot.

I’ve also realised I’m defending this strategy as if it was my own.

For the record, I’m a double bag kind guy - DT and PK/Spray Paint (plus both territories) always.

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You are right in that you avoid the second outcome if you only do it once (just like you avoid the crit success). But isn’t the right way to view this as what happens when you do get a success? You’re not going to stop trying to modify the weapon the first time it fails, but you try again. And the probability that what ends up taking the upgrade slot is a crit is, at least according to my calculation, the same. I’d love to spend some time waiting and waste some material if I can avoid getting the non-crit bonus on the weapons where I have the special stat I want.

Also worth pointing out that even if you only use a PK, there’s still a chance the upgrade will be successful but won’t crit, leaving you at 24% anyway.