Armory crit buff display issue


crafted some weapons while having the crit buff, noticed that the icon that normally shows changed, has a bugged out display now. Is it just a visual bug or will it affect the outcome at all? I also noticed this in other peoples videos, the same icon.



I noticed that too last time i crafted.
I just started crafting now, haveing both surefire and stripp mall and the buff display correctly. I will check it again after we will lose surefire and stripp mall and see if it will still display the bonus or it will show as in your picture.


So i checked back after we lost surefire and strip mall and it shows the zero status effect, meaning that it does not apply anymore if your faction lost them. Not quite fair, considering that if we get them while crafting has already started, the buff does not apply on the armory that is already working.

I made screenshots when we had them and after we lost them (attached).

I.ll try to take them both back before collecting the armory results and see if they reactivate and will come back here to post.


I don.t really believe it.s just a visual bug, as I crafted multiple times since it began happening, using optional crit items too and I had no critical results. But i.ll leave it that way and won.t post more.