Armory Crit bonus

@kalishane i tryed to pm you about this but i didnt get a respond back but here i go again, the crit bonus from strip mall and surfire disappear after someone takes the territory (and everyone takes it within 51 mins) and its hard to get legendary weapons for new players and ive been playing for a year now and i got 28 platinum weapons i cant even get a 120 stat on slot 1 or 2 because even if i use a crit kit its still in the red and it takes a day and 15 hours just for a failure id like it ti be buffed slightly so we have a chance to get at least 1 legendary weapon. :confused:

You only need to be holding the territory when you start the craft.

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No they updated it it dosnt work anymore you have to be in control of the territory or it wont work

It was patched not long ago. Always works for me. The icon remains by the armory even after we lose the territory


With or without the crit territories, you’ll still have a chance to not get crit which os bs. I’m just gonna craft without the territories because both suck anyways.

We’ve lost the armoury atm and I still have the crit bonus icon next to my craft. Just not when I actually open the armoury (confirmed visual bug)


When we loose 1 crit territory, inside my armory where I’m crafting will go from +30% crit to +15% crit. Makes me wonder what’s going on & if we don’t have it at collection time, will I only get +15, or the original +30. There is however no way to know anything in this game.

You get the original +30 crit. It’s purely a visual bug. Like I said, we lose both crit territories, but I still have the icon next to the timer on the main map.

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Maybe @CombatMan can say smth.

As @ScreamQueen said, the buff is retained from start of crafting, even if the territory is lost while the crafting is in progress.


You have to be holding the territory when you start the crafting. You won’t get the bonus if you start crafting after you loose it

My name isn’t ivan^

Well that’s unfortunate. Will try and get the correct information there communicated to CS

The main thing about my response was the fact that support contradicted themselves in the same paragraph of the response they gave to me…they say you retain the bonus even if you lose the territory, but then go on to say you need to keep it the whole time.

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Gotta cover ALL their bases just in case :joy:

Agreed. after hitting lv 115, this past week ive pulled 4 trait specific crits in a row, and a buddy of mine got two at once with double crit terr and we only do guerilla crafting (Grab for an hr and releqse), that fix and the icon afterwards still be there even when lost.

I think what Support was trying to say in the last paragraph is that your faction must hold the territories until you press craft. Poorly worded though.

@kalishane So the Verdict is…??? Grab Crit Territory, Craft, Keep or Loose Territory, still have the extra percentage crit bonus?

Thank You

Still yes. Why ask kalishane though ? Smh

Still have bonus. At least I do when we lose territory after I’ve started crafting.