Armory Crafting Odds

Is there any way we can get these Armories to be changed? Its getting really tiring to be recrafting the same weapon 100s of times just to get the trait you want. I dont mind it being more expensive in parts or wood to do so. Or even have longer craft times to so do. But waiting over a day amd a half just to see that the crafting comes out not what your wanted and repetitively done 100 times in a row and atill cant get the right crafting is absolutely insane.


They should make the chance visible and the more resources you pump into it, the higher the chance
Kinda like scav mission success rate


I have tried to impair more than 10 times to and I have not succeeded, yesterday was my second attempt at absolute defense for the Jesus swords and I got it, if they did not increase the chances of the best improvement before, now with the update of the wheel of weapons 4 stars I doubt even more that they change that

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