Armory can't be that worthless


Armory says 0% defence boost that can’t be right


Best tower we’ve ever had yet.


Attack tower is just stupid 80% attack is ridiculousle


It’s probably supposed to be -40% def :rofl:


Thats because scopely has more focus on promo toons…then what really matters. Simple features.



All those factions that like ghosting, there you go, great practice :+1::rofl:


i take for the cans


Anyone notice a difference on it at all? We took it once so far but faced an easy team. Not sure wtf it is supposed to be. Scopely can’t possibly have screwed up that badly and made it worthless can they?
I know. I know. It is scopely.


I didn’t notice whether it did anything or not. I was too busy getting my ass kicked since the other team had that ridiculously overpowered Mayor’s. 2 energy required to attack it? Seriously a new low. $$$$$


Hey guys…its not zero def.its absolute def guys…were the dumb ones. Not scopely. Got it now…man im slow


How do you come to that conclusion?


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