Armory Bug Same Result after reset


Just wondering if I’m the only one getting the same result 3 times in a row on the same weapon after reset every time. Wasn’t supposed to be “random”? this is more random than usual

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I have had the same result 5 times in a row, I will know if it is 6 times in a row in 14 hours. Previously I have had the same result 3 times in a row, I think you raise a good point with regards to their being a possible bug.


Also a team mate observed the same. Not going to craft anymore until this has been clarified. Otherwise I’ll just wait for release 18.0


This should clear things up.


Your not the only one…

Got the same reflect damage :sob:


Yep, same stat 6th time in a row, that’s six crafts without crit success with tape, polish and both crit territories.


This happens to me all the time, same stupid ATK down stat over and over again. It’s really infuriating, especially since pk & dt are so difficult to get in the amounts you need when you’re constantly having to reset them.

I don’t even want to get started on the crit territory nonsense. But I will say I honestly don’t think it really helps anything. If anything it seems like it lessens the chance of a crit success to me. Bc whenever I use them I get the crappy 120 stats, but when I don’t use them I get a 150 stat. I’ve never gotten a special stat like stun from using them.

Another issue I have is if I do a special stat first and then do a basic stat after, all of the other craftings on that weapon will all fail to go crit for some reason. Idk if the that bug is back or what. But I thought that was fixed awhile ago.
Either way like most things the armory is in need of overhaul, big time.


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