Armory Bug after 9.2 Update? White box

Player Name: harleykins
Faction: Dead Moon Rising
Region: Worth
Device: Samsung Tab A
OS Version: 4.4.2
Platform: Android

I have/had two weapons crafting in my armories with 30% crit success prior to the update last night. But today, it no longer shows that I have the 30% crit applied. Help! Please! They are ready to get, but I’m worried that they’ll fail because of this.

That’s a visual bug. Your crafting success/critical success won’t be changed because of it.

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Whew. Thank you! I heard we need to hold the territories the entire time as well with this new release. Is that accurate?

Nope. What buffs you have when crafting starts are what affect the outcome. Doesn’t matter if you lose them in the mean time, though that does cause this visual bug to occur. It’ll be fixed in a future update.

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Thank you CombatMan! You’re awesome as usual!