Armory buff not sticking help plz?

My armory buff seem to not stick when I leave e the faction who had it. Is this normal or just a bug?

It’s a big but it doesn’t effect it, it’s been happening to me and I still managed double attack on a blur weapon and stun on a red. I think someone said it would be back to normal after the next update.

How can you even draw any conclusion from this, wow, just wow.

That would be great. If it’s not like that please implement it.

I see, thank you

To my knowledge the indicator under "special stats’ in the armory shows what you CURRENTLY have. If you close the armory and look at it, if you have the little icon next to the building that means you got the bonus. As long as you start crafting with the bonus, you keep it.

If you search for “armory bug” the first hit has a response from combatman

I hope so kinda counting on it. Because I’m not in that faction anymore and the little badge disappeared as well as the thing that shows +30crit inside armory