Armory Broken Again?


Awhile back, me and other faction mates had the bug where we used a crafting success part like duct tape, but still completely failed the crafting. After sometime we were compensated the lost parts and things seemed to be working as normal again.

However, I just finished a weapon craft not even 10 minutes ago and I now got a complete crafting fail. I’m 99% sure I used a duct tape (not to mention a polishing kit) in my crafting.

Is this bug back again?? And again, will I see compensation?

Armory Craft Success/Fail Report

One of my faction mates had this.

He messaged support and they accused him of not using a duct tape even though he is sure he did


We weren’t all compensated the parts, I am a victim of that as well. I was told by support that until the issue is fixed, there will be no compensation as it wouldn’t be fair to everyone. I have heard nothing since, but I have messaged about it a few times since it happened. Nothing.

So you’re saying you were compensated? I’m jealous.


A while ago I did used both and got my fail. Felt so weird since using dt and pk hurts the most but I just ignored and keep doing it. Didn’t happen again anymore. This was like 2 months ago.


Yes I was. I don’t remember exactly what I got though, but I believe it was 2 x dt, 2 x pk, and the other 3* parts.

Here in the old forum:


Thank you @Katolo, I have just brought this ticket back to life with in game support. This is extremely upsetting to me. Wish me luck! My expectations are extremely low.


Same thing happened to me about 20 minutes ago. Lost 2 DT along with the rest of the parts. Never had a crafting fail because I always craft with duct tape when needed. Also had +30% crit success since we had both territories.


Heard back from CS and was told that using duct tape is no guarantee of crafting success. Since when is that true?


Since they are not reading memos, it seems armory fantom strikes again


If that green success bar fills to maximum… that to me means 100% success. No matter if it crits or not, some sort of improvement must apply.


This is their first response to this every time. Last time i sent them a screen shot of dash explaining that the Duct Tape ensure a craft. PK does not ensure a crit but the duct tape is a for sure. You might have to re explain it to them a few times but well worth the effort when i havent had a DT or PK on Sr in 2 weeks…


It’s not true. You have to explain to them multiple times that you’re talking about crafting success and not critical success. And if they really are saying it’s not a guarantee of crafting success if you use duct tape, then they’re just wrong.


Thanks for the help and advice everyone. I’ll try again and include screenshot of armory with DT and green crafting bar.
I’m really surprised DT is still on SR for some people, BTW. It’s been months since I’ve seen it on SR.


I’d suggest tagging combat devil on this and seeing what he has to say


Really, who gives a fuck ? If it not crits. or it’s the wrong one I reset it. So thanks scopely for taking that step off of me. Not running around with a halfassed non crit weapon.


Weird, I got a stun and -30 claws simultaneously earlier today.


You’re so on point. After reopening this ticket, I have now sent my third message clarifying I am talking about success in general, not crit. I told them the crit success territory I mentioned is irrelevant to the ticket, I only mentioned it to be more specific in detail about the ordeal.

I have also requested for the person who is handling my ticket to have English as their first language, just to make sure it’s not a translation problem.


Why do you hate Indian service, they are the best part of this game


Lol it was just a request to make sure that the person handling my case can fully understand what I was saying. No hates!


He will probably just say he’s a combat dev and it’s out of his realm